Wadmalaw Island

Wadmalaw Island Commission Nears Groundbreaking

New design for Wadmalaw Island Residence. Rendering: Harrison Wallace We are developing the final details and advancing the structural design integration for a new residence. This 3,500 sf home is designed for a 4 acre site on Wadmalaw Island near Leadenwah Creek.

New design for Wadmalaw Island residence, from west in the morning. Rendering: Harrison Wallace

Basic floor plan section at first floor of main structure.

Composite with model placed within the 4 acre site. Rendering: Harrison Wallace

St. John's Parish Nursery Renovation Underway

The once and future nursery in the LaRoche Building on the grounds of St. John's Parish Church on Johns Island. We are so glad to have a renovation of the St. John's Parish nursery, the design of which we have worked on for many months, finally underway.  The work to open up the interior and moderninze the space being carried out by Branks Construction of Johns Island.

This project means a lot to me for a few reasons.  St. Johns is one of the oldest churches and most traditional churches on John Island. It's congregation is filled with the bedrock families that created and maintain the essential character of Johns and Wadmalaw Islands.  Aside from that, this is the church that my mother drew strength from before she passed ten years ago.  It is also the church in which Michelle and I were married and through which our son was baptised.

The opportunity to assist in the redesign of their nursery was and honor and one that we couldn't pass up.  We are glad to be underway.

1961 plumbing, in passable shape but ready for a makeover.