Myrtle Beach

Turbeville Tower

This radio tower and integrated brick shed seen yesterday near Turbeville made me wonder which came first. I had a big driving day on Sunday, heading from Charleston to Myrtle Beach, and then circling back to Sumter for a friend's engagement party.  I was in Myrtle Beach for a couple of hours tending to some business, and admit that that satisfied me for another year or so.  Aside from that part of my day, it was a pretty relaxing drive, especially along the lonesome stretch between Conway and Sumter.  It was a reminder of how empty and lonesome the Pee Dee region can be.

Driving close to Turbeville, I noticed this old steel radio tower beside a farmhouse that was inscribing a brick shed at its base.  Built so tightly together, the minor overhangs were enveloping the four principal supports as well as the cross bracing. Maybe this is a old Ham radio setup? I thought it was an interesting form and integration between these two elements.

Turbeville tower as seen along the roadside between Conway and Sumter yesterday.