Cantilevered Ipe Bench at Kiawah Cottage

Ipe bench instead of railing along perimeter of deck When presented with the challenge of maximizing the utility of a relatively small deck space, we elected to pursue alternatives to a guardrail at a new renovation of a cottage on Kiawah Island. As any well used deck also requires seating, we designed a built in bench design to serve as perimeter protection for the deck.

South elevation of new renovation of Kiawah Island cottage

The position of the windows in a new shed dormer that addresses the deck and ocean breezes beyond made it unpalatable to build in a bench within the perimeter of the deck, as it would have come too close to obstructing the windows.  In response, we designed a bench that would cantilever over the edge of the deck, adding some precious useable seating to the deck while freeing up the view lines out from the cottage.  Nice job by River Creek Construction in fabricating this bench design.

The backrest support timbers continue down to form the chief attachment to the deck structure.

Backrest slats continue across the sides to serve as points of attachment to the structure.

With some landscaping adjustments, we will be close to completing the exterior of this Kiawah Island cottage.