The Movable Pool Floor Is On

We are going to integrate the movable pool floor system at the Kiawah Island house that is under construction now.  HydroFloors of the UK is online to provide the movable floor system.  It is an ingenious system that relies on a stable steel platform with an integrated flotation system that acts against a hydraulic ram that raises and lowers the floor. There are a couple of videos that demonstrate the system in action.  This one is built by another company but is an integral component of an elegantly designed courtyard.

As we are redesigning the pool shell around the mechanics of the pool, I am learning a lot about the design parameters.  For instance, the water has to be maintained at a level 4 1/4" below the top of the surrounding coping, which is a couple of inches higher than typical.  This is so that the flotation system will have enough water to work against in order to stabilize the floor when it is all the way up.  We also have to create a pool shell that a little more than 2 1/2' deeper than the max depth of the movable floor.  In our case, the grade beam, which has been placed for a several weeks now, will limit the maximum depth to approximately 6'-4", which is less than desired but more than adequate for a range of fun pool activities.

Next challenge: a railing that is retractable within the pool wall.  When the pool floor is up, we will need to protect the edge of the pool from falls to the ground about 9' below. I don't even know if this is possible yet, but we will see how far we can push it.